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Friday, August 11, 2017


Can you believe it???

We had a GREAT time celebrating Grace's SIXTH birthday at
Great Wolf Lodge!
We brought her most fantastic nanny & her 3 year old daughter.. we swam, and swam
and floated.. Grace absolutely LOVES the water so she was in heaven.
I think this might be her yearly birthday gift.. the house party happens tomorrow.


At SIX.. "unoffically" weighing in at 40 lbs!  Approximately 42" tall (will confirm at six year old heath check next week.  LOVES playing basketball, loves music & swimming/water.
Frequently washes her hands (in school & at home).
Walking & gaining strength daily.. walking in walker & by holding ones hands.. has been seen 
letting go & taking a few steps on her own!!
Eating, especially with her friend Zoaria.. hash browns, bacon, SOUP, fishies
on a new formula- Nourish/an organic blend of vegetables - food based.
Sassy & pinchy.
Expresses needs & wants by signing.. learning signs quickly & efficiently.

To my little love bug.. Thank you for making ME your MOM!!
And to my lovebug in Heaven- Thank YOU for being my Heavenly Angel.. 
it does NOT get better with time.. please don't say that phrase.. 

pattie & gary, Grace & Maxwell

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