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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A wave & a smile!

Tonight was a funky day for me..
not good or bad..just indifferent!
The great news is Grace is feeling better..
Just look at her:
A wave & a smile!!
She had a little higher fever this morning..but by mid afternoon
& tonight .. nothing! Today's the first day she didn't have to go to sleep
with ibuprofren or tylenol..
I hope this means tomorrow she'll be willing to play :)
I miss playing with her..she's been just wanting to snuggle & be held..
(which Daddy got alot of that today)..
Unfortuantely, I got quite ill this morning myself..
my belly was in alot of pain & I was vomitting.
Daddy let me sleep for a couple of hours this afternoon, and
I'm feeling better..
Tomorrow is a follow up with the pediatrician..
hope this contines for Miss Grace.
A big Thanks to Kim.. our wonderful babysitter..
pattie & gary, Grace & maxwell

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