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Friday, April 19, 2013

I know...

I know, it's been awhile..
Thanks for coming back & sticking with me..
Grace is doing fabulous!
I'm a little hesitant, as the Facebook pages are still up..
but I will post some fun pictures this weekend.
It seems like daily, Grace is getting taller & taller.. :)
she's not as chubby though.. we go back to the dietician/nutritionist
on we'll see if she's gained any weight.
There's alot I want to say.. but tonight it's all about
watching the news & hoping & praying for all of these
victims of the Boston Bombings.
Soo sad!!!
I'll update again this weekend..
Bless you & yours!
pattie, gary & Gracie, & Maxwell (too!)

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  1. I pinned this for you the other day but forgot to give it to you!

    There is another for watermarking: