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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Early Mom's day gift..

Grace had toddler class this am.. she LOVES it..
& this is what I got when I picked her up:
It brought tears to my eyes!! My very FIRST art piece..and when they gave it to
me, I showed her..and she smiled..
she got in the car (actually she didn't want too..) & she was
chatting all the way home.. I'm sure about her new friends!!
 This was from the other day, when our friend Kim watched Grace
for a few hours...  soo cute! We hadn't seen Kim in a week since we
were away..and it's soo nice to see her!
Now her parents are going to be up from Florida..
so who knows when we'll
see her!! (two weeks! wink!)
Tomorrow is evaluation day for Grace, as we head to her pre-school
for speech & PT evaluation!!  We are lucky to bring Kim with us, as Gary has a work
day he couldn't get out of.. and it's always good to bring someone with you!
I've been crazy busy with Tastefully Simple..just learning & networking..
creating & doing trainings.. actually loving it!!
(making some $$ too!!)
And today.. milestone.. Grace said "HI" to her dad as she WAVED..
she usually just does one or the was the
first day she did both together!! 
How cool!! 
After nap, Grace also said "E"..the ..'eeeee'
& then when I said it.she giggled.. uh oh, it sounds like a story from school!!
Thanks for keeping up!
pattie & gary, Grace & maxwell

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