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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Saying good-bye

It's a sad day today... & tomorrow too.. I'm sad for Grace
& i'm sad for Vevoo.. (grandfather in Portuguese)

Vevoo has been sick & has finally gone to his home in heaven..
the good news is he's with Maxwell.. I hope they know how much they are loved.

Grace had her own unique relationship with Vevoo..and was even able to visit with
him last week.. & before that at the nursing home.. 
We would visit Vevo & Vavo weekly, she would sit on his lap & bite his oxygen wire.. (lol)
he would nod his head "no-no" & she would repeat it.. shaking her own head. "no-no"
He was so proud of her!!

When he heard he was dying, I was there.. & he cried.. saying he was going to miss his baby! (Grace)..
along with his other grandchildren who he loved dearly!

My dad was alot of things in life.. some good, bad & even ugly sometimes..
but he did what he could when he could..
in his later years, he was kind, he was loving & emotional!
He was afraid of dying.  He didn't want to leave my mother or his babies!!

Keep my families in your good thoughts & prayers as we say good bye to Vevoo!

 Our little musician!

pattie & gary, Grace & Maxwell

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