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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

January Check-in.'s been awhile.. things are busy..but I am committed to this blog..
so I'm going to commit to at least writing monthly!!

Grace had a bout of a fever virus last week, it was the first week since being in school 
that she was home for a week!  Good thing we have SUPER NANNY..who was able to stay with 
her while we worked.

January has been a good month for Grace..
as a family, we went away for 3 days a few weeks ago to the cape.. & had a good time..
here's some pictures..(YES, she is getting big!)

On a carousel!!
Fishing with Dada at the Children's Museum.. 

And her favorite.. in the hotel pool!!!!  We had a really nice time!!

Today.. was the BEST day in January for us..
We had to pick up Grace at school for an appointment & feeding clinic..
& I go in.. chit chat with the nurse.. waiting for Grace to come to the office with her teacher..
(Gary was waiting in the car)..
Well, I see her.. WALKING in her walker from her classroom..
(which if I had to say is a very long corridor!)
It was sooooooo awesome.. so I ran out to the car to get Gary & we watched..
She walked all the way up.. almost speedy in that walker..
(she has her own walker (finally) at school.. so instead of being transported in the wagon (sitting)..
she has been utilizing the walker more & more.. 
We were soo proud of her!!!
When she saw us, her face was priceless.. She gave Mama big hugs!!

Of course on her way up, a little girl (probly 2nd grader) stopped to say 'hi'.. & the 2nd
grade teacher was walking by & stopped to say hi to Grace & Grace blew her a kiss!!
Honestly.. Ms. Social Butterfly..
The 2nd grade teacher told me that her class saw her walking in the walker today & were so
happy... they were all waving at her & her back!!
(I know.. she should be running for office!)

Anyway.. in the words of Grandpa Pacella..
"She's getting there!"

Love you love bug!!!

pattie & gary, Grace & maxwell (our guardian angel forever)

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