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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day 2015 & a nice surprise..

I was a little melancholy as I drove to the hospital this morning..
I don't know.. just thinking of Grace & everything she has been through..
but today was a great day.. she looks awesome, her CBC (blood count) came
back great (no infection) and she was in very good spirits!
Had a great nap.. & then went for a 'ride' with us to dinner..
she absolutely loved it & was waving & talking to everybody!!

  Checking out the sites..
And then I got home to this on my porch...

  In bigger detail, it's Grace's handprints.. I couldn't figure out who dropped it off.. I thought maybe it was her pre-school teacher (since she missed the last few days of school)...but it was her wonderful NANNY!!  We are truly blessed to have her in Grace's life..   I absolutely LOVE it..   soo cute!!  Nothing like getting homemade gifts, now that she's in school...
We are hoping all goes well tomorrow & maybe Grace will be home Tuesday..
tomorrow afternoon would be nice too.. just not sure that's going to happen!
Thanks for reading!
pattie & gary, Grace & maxwell

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