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Friday, February 13, 2015

Walking :)

Check out this video from Grace at her PT session (out of school).. we are soo proud of her.. as she chases me & blows me kisses!!  And she looks sooo TALL :)

Grace is also been standing in her walker as well at home..
her pre-school teacher came over the other night & helped us set up the walker..
then stayed for about 20 minutes playing with Grace.
Soo cute!!  And today, Tia & Auntie Kim & I were dancing and singing (as Grace
looked at us like we were nuts) while she stood in the walker for 10 minutes!)
A little every day..
Grace got her first kiss from a little boy in school this week, Devin..
her little buddy kissed her on the lips for her sharing her snack with him.
Teachers say her face was priceless.
It's usually Grace that gives the kisses, so I'm sure she was taken aback a little by it!
Thanks for sharing our little lovebug with us!
pattie & gary, Grace & maxwell :)

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