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Friday, July 25, 2014


Grace's glasses finally came in...
  This was the 1st picture taken with her glasses on as she viewed them herself in the mirror!! She was very excited!!

Just chillin with my new glasses.. she did actually wear them for about 10 minutes
before she wanted to take them off.
We got them about 11 a.m. today & have been trying them on/off for the day..
she's doing pretty well with them.. of course she wants to take them off & 'taste' them..
everything goes in the mouth :) but she did pretty good leaving them on too!
Big girl!!
Grace also had her neurology appointment today..and GREAT news there
she doesn't have to see him again for a year!
He was so pleased with her progress..even though for us he says it must be frustrating
that she's not talking or walking.. but for him (he hasn't seen her in about 8 mos)
he was happy to see her 'walking' with help, standing & sitting unassisted as she
rummaged through my purse!  And he made some great points on the talking side of things..he said that he thinks she really does understand & comprehension/cognitive is a part of communication.. and that's a great start!
He also said that he observed her communicating in all the right places..
plus he was concerned about my bruised arm..when i said it was Grace he
said that was her way of communicating when she's frustrated/tired (which
is usually when she bites/pinches).. that's all communication!
He was very happy to see her & said to just be patient with her..
which of course we are.. we always have believed & have hope that these
things will come..
Like I always say.. when she is in a structured environment (school) 4 days a week
two hours a day with other little people.. it'll all click :)
Here are some other pictures from the week...
 Wearing her Red Sox cap..

And this was the wall at Tufts Floating Hospital.. soo cool!
And I won $10 on a Boston Red Sox $2.00 scratch tix tonight.. :0 Go Sox!
Sitting like a big girl, looking at Dada, at Tufts
where she had her botox on Monday & did a great job!
Getting ready for her big girl birthday party next week..
so proud of our little miracle!!
thanks for catching up!
pattie & gary, Grace & maxwell

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