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Friday, March 7, 2014

And this is why she's going to be great...

when she starts school.. and Grace will start a toddler room
(1 day a week for 2 hours) in April..
She loves other children.  And she waves at them, and blows
them kisses.
We met up with our babysitter & her grandson today..
I put "Austin" near Grace..and she immediately reached
out to hold his hand.. it was 'awe' sooo cute!!

Her 2 year molars are coming she wasn't going to give up
that blue strap.. but she did hold his hand.. she is just soo loving!!
(she did try to pull his hair too :)

 And in other news.. I'm trying after 40 something years, not to bite my nails.. and it's helping with this new sticker application of 'jamberry' nails'.. soo this is pic is my nails after 2 weeks of wearing the new 'jamberry nails'..and the pic below is my new jamberry nails this week... soo we'll see how my nails look in another 2 weeks.. they're cute, fun & creative.. :) (like me!)

They aren't suppossed to chip or break off, and easy to put on & take off..
I haven't bitten yet!!
Everyone up here in New England is tired of the snow..
tomorrow is supp to be high 40's..
(we'll see about that)
Grace is doing great.. in her walker & with everything else!
(maybe except eating.. :(
Tastefully Simple is going well too!
Orders, and Facebook parties galore!
Trying to do a little more for me this year.. but busy with Town Government
meetings as well..  trying!
Thanks for keeping up with us!
pattie & gary, Gracie & maxwell

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