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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Grace's first visit to the Dentist!!

So, what if it's Grandpa.. :)
Tight lipped & all.. but she did okay!


  1. Grace and I each had dentist appointments on Wednesday morning, and while I was thrilled to find a good dentist who takes our new insurance. family dentist lake travis

  2. She's indeed a tight lipped girl. She could've yelled at you guys for forcing her to brush her teeth! Hehe! Anyway, how old is she? I'm glad to know that you've set a dental appointment for her at an early age so that your dentist can monitor her growing adult teeth. How is Grace now? Did she complain about her dental visit? :)

    Celia Warren @

  3. It seems that Grace has just experienced being in a dentist chair. Hahaha! Although it’s nice to see how everyone supported the little girl. She just needed some encouragement from you guys. That’s why when she heard all of you cheering for her, she finally opened her mouth and let Grandpa brush her teeth.

    Jeff Wade @ Spring Branch Dental

  4. Susan Horby
    As I watched the video, I thought what was going through Grace's mind. Here are people who are suppose to love me, and are now torturing me with this weird device. Thank goodness she had the support of grandparents and parents. Grace this is only the start of a long journey.

  5. Thanks for your post! What great parents you are for taking great care of your daughters teeth at an early age. The longer you wait, the more expensive and troublesome it becomes, not to mention more painful as well. I can relate to this as I took my son to the dentist last month and he has 9 cavities!

    Joanna @ Westheimer Dentist